19 February 2006

Harvard may oust President Summers

While the faculty at Harvard become increasingly antsy about President Summers (most recently how he was forcing the resignation of a dean), the Corporation (Board of Trustees equivalent) appears to be considering ousting him. What I find fascinating is the power struggle this begets between the administration and the faculty.

''It's this dichotomy between people worried that if Harvard ran a president out, it would become ungovernable, and the view, gaining ground, that actually if we lived through another no-confidence vote and its aftermath, that will make Harvard truly ungovernable." [quoted from an anonymous professor]
(Marcella Bombardieri and Maria Sacchetti, The Boston Globe)

Even at Harvard they don't want to give too much power to the faculty, I find that sad.

Firing a President is really REALLY drastic, but I am beginning to suspect that the situation calls for it. The Harvard Arts and Science faculty are expecting a second no-confidence vote on Feb. 28, with a larger majority than last time (218-185). Let's see if things get resolved before then.

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Anonymous said...

There is a really interesting chain of comments about this news story at the Huffington Post, including an explanation of President Summers' friendship with and protection of an economic professor (Shleifer) who defrauded the US government of millions...what a slimeball! Harvard would be well rid of both of them....