21 August 2006

Seven signs of bogus science

As usual pointed out to me by the inimitable resurrected Sclerotic Rings, it's a list of the seven signs of bogus science! They're not meant to be a fail-safe set of criteria on which to judge what's good science and what isn't, just a starting point.


Thomas Siefert said...

Hi Zandperl,
We are a few people writing on a science blog called FFS! and we need some people who are pro-science and like to write about it. One of our inspirations is the The Bad Astronomer and his fight against anti-science.

You can read about our agenda in the first post by Eric Ingram here: Help Wanted.

If you want more information, you can find my email on that website and if you decide right away that you want in, just contact Eric and he will set up an account for you.

We prefer to 'human' names (I.E. Peter Hanson) but you can still use a pseudonym if you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Neat link, Zandperl. Thanks.

Thomas Siefert said...
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zandperl said...


No no, I didn't filter it out. I've got a few issues going on - firstly, I'm out of town; second I've got fall semester creeping up on me; and third I'm pondering whether I'm willing to lose anonymity and how to do so least painfully. I've been considering it for a while, so I may be willing to start over there w/o links to here. We'll see. I'm thinking about it.

zandperl said...

BTW, two thoughts: (1) isn't FFS! kinda astronomy heavy? could make a theme out of it if you wanted. and (2) it sounds similar to Science Blogs.

Thomas Siefert said...

(1) Well, it is astronomy heavy at the moment and that's one of the thing we want to straighten out by having people from different fields and interests contributing.
We have only just started and so far the astronomy/physics guys have been the most prolific.

(2)The more voices the better.
I.E. if some kid Google: "Madonna can fix radio active waste pollution problem",
You want more hits saying that she is nuts, than 'neutral' reports from the 'free' media.