20 November 2006

More on averting armageddon

Yet another article on how to avoid doomsday due to an Earth-crossing asteroid, and as usual there's very little content. I think this's the first time I've heard of a gravitational tugboat, but it doesn't seem practical to me since the asteroid would be pulling the ship as well, so you'd need to continaully thrust the ship, but have the particle streams pointed around the asteroid (think of a cone w/ the point on the grav. tugboat and asteroid as the icecream scoop), which is horribly inefficient due to that nice cosine of half the opening angle.

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neonnorman said...

I find that some scientist are so funny with thier ideas. Looking at the periodicals that are published wondering how these people can publish such nonsence is beyond me. They have already altered the path of erose by landing the satalite on it. And the black hole theory boy isn't that a load of hogwash. And time travel is virtualy impossible because you would have to know the structure of the universe to which these so called scientist don't.