11 February 2007

Science *union* Creationism

This NY Times article gives an interesting perspective of a scientist who is also a young Earth creationist - Dr. Marcus R. Ross (PhD from URI Geoscience dept) says the two are different paradigms, different ways to view the universe and one's place in it. The article also brings up an ethical quagmire, about whether it's legitimate for people to study something they don't believe, using their degrees to undermine science, and so on...

Go read.

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Allison said...

Hmm... can't read the NYT article w/o registering :P At any rate I can't conceive of a way to reconcile young-earth Creationism with ANY scientific "paradigm" - in the sense that unless you see it as pure metaphor, it is contradicted by all the scientific evidence. All of it.

Sadly YEC's are among the most rigid and delusional of the bunch, and I don't understand why they would pursue careers in science. It's not like "PhD" after their name makes the more credible except to other zealots - at least once they open their mouths and reveal their actual agenda.