23 November 2007

Hey baby, wanna determine the spring constant of my mattress?

Inspired by this list of physicists' pickup lines and a comment by Allison, here's a few of my own.

  • Physicists are Phun!
  • Physicists do it with simple harmonic motion.
  • Hey baby, what's your resonance frequency?
  • Aw man, I wanna integrate those curves of yours...
  • Astronomers do it in the dark, under the stars, all night long.
  • Stargazing's so cold; let's keep warm together.
  • Bigger is better - my tube's 6" around and 2 ft long.

More if I come up with more - or if you add some!


culfy said...

Heisenberg does it.....but doesn't know where and how fast he does it at the same time.

Schroedinger may or may not do it in boxes; we won't know until we open it

Allison said...

I thought in your case it was "Astronomers do it in the computer lab, under the buzzing fluorescent lights, all night long :)

But pick-up lines are not supposed to be truth in advertising after all ;)

As for biology:
"I may not be a virgin female, but I am 'wild-type'!"
"Part of me is haploid, wanna see it?"