21 December 2007

Science Songs

I collect science songs so I can play them for my students - sure they're college age, but who doesn't appreciate a couple F-bombs about fractals?

For the younger crowd, here's some clean ones that teach you science in 5-minute chunks. Included among them is the original version of "Why Does the Sun Shine?" (popularized by They Might Be Giants).


Allison said...

(better late than never)

Nice songs. With the sudden popularity of "the PCR song" on Youtube, I think the importance of scientific music is only reinforced. Maybe TMBG would have time to record this little ditty about G-protein-coupled receptors that I've been working on...

zandperl said...

Actually, you might try Jonathan Coulton (or at least his forums) for it. He's a folk/rock/indie/geek musician with the majority of his music released in the public domain, and yet he makes a living off of it. Many of his songs are geeky - "Code Monkey," and "Mandelbrot Set" are two of his most popular, but I also really like "Dance, Soterious Johnson, Dance" about an NPR newscaster. JoCo is quite responsive to his fans, hence my suggesting it.