24 January 2008

Evolution Demo

This video demonstrating a simple version of natural selection and evolution is 10 minutes long.

Unfortunately I don't think this video is likely to convince creationists of the veracity of evolution - they will just complain that the code isn't right or something, but perhaps it will make a difference with the fence-sitters.


Allison said...

Sadly, you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into. Scientists constantly fall into the trap of trying to debate evolution with fundamentalists. I think this is a bad idea - not because they should go unchallenged, but because they have little on their side but rhetoric/bullsh*t, and so they have gotten pretty good at that. To fight properly the science side needs to cite dozens of sources, while the fundies only use one.

This sort of demonstration is a good idea because it can make the fence-sitters and genuinely uncertain realize that it's not "a monkey gave birth to a human" and all that dumb crap. Creationists often lure these people with an "easy" explanation, because evolution is often so difficult to explain adequately in an everyday setting.

Wayne said...

Speaking of rhetoric/bullsh*t, I have yet to see any real proof that man evolved. And if you all were shown evidence of Creation, you would not believe it either. We are pretty all settled in our beliefs. I quit trying to convince atheist/evolutionist to believe in God/Jesus. God will not except faith that comes from man's evidence. Remember what Christ said to Thomas,"Blessed are those who believe and have not seen". The only faith that God receives is the faith that He reveals. I know this must go way over your heads but that is alright. Just be sure that when the Lord comes to you to reveal Himself to you, you need to be ready and open to His revelation. And except the facts from Him.