19 February 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse Weds Feb 20

I keep forgetting to mention, there's a total lunar eclipse tomorrow night, Weds Feb 20, 2008. It's got great visibility too: North America from Texas to the East Coast, all South America, West Africa, and Europe from Germany on West. It starts at around 8:43pm for those of us on the East Coast.

Here's what I recommend for a sane person to view it. Go out around 8:35pm (or the equivalent for your time zone) dressed warmly (layers - Bulky is Beautiful!), and bring a camera or tele if you have but it's not needed. Watch until you get cold (5-15 minutes). Go inside for 15 minutes to a half hour. Repeat until done, making sure to come out 5 minutes before the other times listed in this image for the most interesting parts to view.

Clear skies!

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cube said...

My photos came out very fuzzy. I had to settle for the beautiful memories.