30 May 2008

Evolution of a Clock

I believe this is from the same guy who did the white and black evolution demo. In this one, he takes the strawman argument of the "blind watchmaker" and turns it around: the argument is a flawed analogy, as there is no driving force or limiting factors in actual watchmaking the way there is in evolution - random mutations, and natural selection. The author introduces these to factors into a pile of gears and hands, and watches what happens.

As you watch this nearly 10 minute long video, it may help to hover your mouse near the pause button, as some of the text goes by quickly.

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Allison said...

Wow, that was pretty clever. I'm convinced... but then again I was already convinced. I hope that a few undecided's ingest examples like this and appreciate their merit. Sadly, this sort of thing has NO impact on the real creationists, who can't be reasoned out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

I'm sure a dogged creationist could, for example, claim that by choosing only the clocks that told time better, the experimenter was imparting "direction" to the evolution. "Therefore, it only proves that it would be possible for God to guide a process to create man without just waving a magic wand". Of course that would be missing the point, but it's why they pooh-pooh things like this. They insist on setting up the goal posts in the middle of a swamp, and then insist on moving them as the ball still approaches.