05 October 2008

MESSENGER flies by Mercury tonight

MESSENGER, the latest mission to Mercury, makes its second fly-by of the planet tonight. Keep your eyes peeled for articles online with the new pictures in the morning!

Let's see what the astrologers have to say about this one (considering that Mercury's in retrograde, yadda yadda).


Lola said...

Lola, The president for astronomers and future astronauts to Mars.

Anonymous said...

Blech. So Hubble broke during Mercury retrograde, and the LHC supercollider broke a couple of days before Mercury retrograde, and the economy broke during Mercury retrograde.....

But seriously, I've spent some time trying to understand the astrology of Cassini (currently orbiting Saturn or one of its moons) and that probe that we're sending to Pluto, and I can't say the launch dates mean anything to me.

"Real" astrology means you look at all the planets when the person was born, not just the Sun. I've seen some people who use various asteroids as well. I've never seen anyone try to figure out where space probes were when people were born and try to correlate that back to personality. Come on, folks. This is a science here. If it's a rock and it's up in the sky then it affects events here on earth. You can't just pick your favorite rocks. That's pseudoscience.

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Sweety said...
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