30 December 2008

NASA releases final report on Space Shuttle Columbia disaster

NASA released a report on the final few minutes of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. They concluded that it was impossible for the astronauts to survive the breakup at the altitude at which it occurred - they had a list of specific failures in the suits (as well as other places) that occurred, but even without those failures the astronauts would not have made it, unfortunately. However, with this information, they will be able to build the next generation of ships and spacesuits that much better.

You can find the full 400-page report and a video from inside the Shuttle (around a minute of length, at the start of them hitting atmosphere, not including the disaster) at this link.


The Prince of Centraxis said...

If budget cuts hadn't removed the originally designed breakaway crew capsule things probably would have been little different under the circumstances - but who knows?

Does anyone know if the Mexican family whose son was killed by debris ever received compensation?

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