03 January 2006

Computers are hazardous waste!

I bet at least one of you didn't know that old computers and monitors contain hazardous materials including lead. In the spirit of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, there's a few things you can do if you're getting rid of an old computer, courtesey of Consumer Reports / Greener Choices.

  1. Give it to someone you know. Chances are your computer is better than that of your friends or family, or they might not have one at all. I gave my last discard to an old friend, and he's since upgraded it to maintain its usefulness. It was a free computer for him, free disposal for me, and ecofriendly for all!

  2. Give it to a school or charity. If you know of a group that could use it, such as your family church, or the school your kids attend, do it up! If not, check these links. Be sure you don't donate a computer that's too out-dated, or it'll cost your charity of choice more to upgrade it than you or they want.

  3. Recycle via your local waste disposal company. Call them up for information on how to do so, don't just leave the computer or monitor on the curb. Massachusetts actually forbids landfilling of monitors due the lead and other chemical content.

And because I know cellphones have a much higher turnover rate than computers (can you say "New Every Two"?) and I keep harping on being good about them, you should also reuse/recycle other things, including cellphones and large appliances.

Go to! And post your own success stories here, I'd like to hear. :)


Tech Guru said...

Yea. I learned this in school . . .though I wouldn't have known that if my chemistry teacher didn't bring it up.

Candace said...

I just read many of your posts. This is a great blog - thanks!

zandperl said...

I never learned it, but then again I was a "mere" physics major. ;) I think I just figured it out somewhere along the line from my friends who were even more earthy-crunchy than I.

Thanks to you for visiting! If you like it, send like-minded friends on over too. :)