07 January 2006

More Pathological Science in Politics; Penguin March

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) -- -- Gov. Jim Doyle on Friday vetoed a bill that would have forced doctors to tell women seeking abortions after their fifth month of pregnancy that their fetuses could suffer pain.

Doyle, a Democrat, said there is no evidence conclusively proving when a fetus can feel pain. The Republican-controlled Legislature should not be allowed to decide scientific fact, he said.


The problem in this issue is that the studies both ways aren't yet conclusive and confirmed, so we really have no hard scientific evidence either way. Science does not have a conclusion on this one (unlike global warming and evolution).

Meanwhile, just saw March of the Penguins yesterday. I really don't see why the Conservatives are using that movie as their rallying cry. It shows just how incompetent most parents are at keeping their babies/chicks alive, it supports evolution, and it encourages serial monogamy - picking a new mate after the baby's out of the foot-belly-nest. I guess they've got a minor trimumph in that gay penguins aren't mentioned, and that two parents are required for the chick to survive, but I haven't heard of conservatives trying to kill single mothers (or fathers) or anything.

It made me think though, at what point do scientists consider a bird to be alive? In the womb equivalent before the egg has been produced? In the egg? Or not till it's hatched? Their issue is even more confusing than ours. I guess I consider the bird egg before it is laid, as being equivalent to the human blastocyst before implantation. The laid egg is the embryo in a pregnant woman, and the hatched egg is the born baby. There are of course imperfections in the analogy - infertile eggs can be laid - but the only perfect analogy is the original item.

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