25 March 2007

Astrology: Intro

I haven't done a post on astrology in a long time - too long. And it's going to take me forever to cover all of what I find wrong with it, and the few things that are good about it. To start off with, I'd like to solicit questions that you may have, and list a few topics that I will want to cover in a series on astrology - most are things that are wrong, a couple actually ARE right (though this begs the question of why they couldn't fix other related things).

  1. Horoscopes' daily predictive value

  2. Birth signs' personality predictive value

  3. Ophiuchus

  4. Precession of your sign

  5. First point in Ares

  6. Age of Aquarius

  7. Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

  8. Planets and minor planets

I have to admit that I am only knowledgable about horoscopes and how birth signs work in general; I do not know the details about the planets, or exact birth times. If you wish to attempt to enlighten me, feel free, but do expect criticism as I am a self-proclaimed "skeptic" about astrology. And if there are topics you'd like to see me cover, lemmie know in the comments.


Galbinus_Caeli said...

Astrology can make sense if you accept a couple of things on faith. (I do not buy this, by the way. I tried to for a time, but grew out of it.)

First, a mild form of predestination. Not of the "on june 24, you will eat oatmeal for breakfast, and bite your lip. But of the "you will need to learn from a grumpy store owner when you are eighteen or so" variety.

Second enough direct control of the universe to precisely time your birth. Also enough to gently nudge you at appropriate times.

This lets you use a personal chart to guide your life through the needed lessons, sort of a syllabus for your passage through.

This all works if you accept that we each have an overmind, or guardian angel who is guiding us through our lives. They (or we, as the Overmind is supposed to be a superset of our conscious mind) know that we need to follow a certain path through life, and they know that we will use astrology to guide ourselves on that path, so they choose a precise birth moment that will give us the astrological chart to guide us down that path.

Then the planetary movements just act as a sort of clock to show us where we are on that path. No influence from the planet is needed, as it just serves to show a timetable.

Still a bunch of hoohey, but not quite as counter intuitive as the "Saturn is going to bring me great wealth because it is entering the sign of the scales today" nonsense.

cdorsey said...

Hi. I have to say that I know NOTHING about astrology however I would like to be enlightened. I'll be back to read the series.

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