11 March 2007

New Mexico lawmakers declare Pluto a planet

I don't care how many resolutions they pass, saying it doesn't make it true. As a resolution, it doesn't even carry any weight - they're not outlawing textbooks that call Pluto a dwarf planet, they're not changing the state K-12 science standards. Besides, laws don't change basic science. Might as well pass a law that π=3 while they're at it.

Your Opinion: Do you think it is futile, dangerous, exciting, or something else (non-exclusie OR) for lawmakers to be making laws about science?


ChilledBeer said...

I think they have much more pressing issues..i commented about the same on my blog...check it out

Doug said...

That is funny, though. Will Kansas be next?

zandperl said...

ChilledBeer - Yeah, it is kinda silly that they're wasting their time on this rather than things that'll really make a difference in the state. As a science educator, I'm glad they're bringing science to the forefront of people's minds, but this's the wrong way to do it.

Doug - They've already got so many other problems in Kansas, this would be the least of them.

Michael Pyshnov said...

See "University of Toronto Fraud"