29 March 2006

Archbishop of Cantebury: "billions will die from global warming"

It's nice to see that not all Protestants are whack jobs.

[Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams] said the public had a moral responsibility to change lifestyles.

The consequences if they did not, the Archbishop warned, would be the deaths of billions of people worldwide from the effects of extreme climate change.

He said the Bible made it clear that God would not forgive people who had been warned they were doing wrong. And he said US President George W Bush's stance of refusing to cut emissions because it might compromise American jobs was not compatible with a Christian point of view.

"I think if we look at the language of the Bible we very often come across situations where people are judged for not responding to warnings," he told BBC.

--Roger Harrabin, BBC

In sum, global warming is happening, it's a sign from God, God will punish us if we don't heed His warning, and He'll start out with Dubya, who isn't even a real Christian. Sweet!

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