01 March 2006

Creationists still at it

In Utah, Mormon fundie central, legislators tried to pass a law requiring teachers to state that "evolution is not a fact and the state doesn't endorse the theory." (CNN/AP) Fortunately, the state House voted it down 2-1, but the Senate had approved it!

"I don't believe that anybody in there really wants their kids to be taught that their great-grandfather was an ape," [bill sponsor, Republican Senator Chris] Buttars said.

Well of course not! It was something like thousands or millions of generations ago, and they weren't apes, they were homo erectus! Duh.

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utenzi said...

They might be ignorant but those elected officials do represent their constituents very well, all too often, ZP. It's frightening how much of the population doesn't understand even the most rudimentary math and science.