02 March 2006

Godless mathematics

And to think I was just asking a friend about Diff EQ's this afternoon. Whew, I'm glad I've seen the light!


Anonymous said...

a haiku for you:

Two pairs per species
Incestual mutations
Darken the landscape

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Thanks for the visit and comment. I will try to do better, teacher

zandperl said...

Hah! That's awesome. :) Reminds me I wanted to do a post on species definitions...

Heh, sorry, it's a pet peeve of mine. I never take people (online) seriously if they can't spell/write coherently. It most bothers me when it's part of a discussion/debate and the poor spelling/grammar comes from someone trying to argue the same point as mine. Their poor writing undermines MY argument!

eric ingram said...

ahhh haha. i knew it. it all seemed made up, anyway.