05 December 2005

Broaden your horizons

Because as you should know by now there's no way I can give a good viewpoint of the other side (e.g., theism as opposed to my agnostic atheist secular humanism), I occasionally like to link to blogs with that sort of theme. The Machinery Of Death by "Doctor" Life is one such blog. The author is an evangelical fundamentalist literal creationist conservative Christian who believes that things such as the Harry Potter series, the Olympics, and women polititians are a threat to the world and are signs of the end times.

I'm sure I don't have to remind you that if you wander on over there from here, please do the cause of rationality a favor and be polite in your feedback. :) He gets a lot of flack in the comments people leave, without much constructive criticism, unfortunately.


utenzi said...

I visit his blog at least once a week and he just left a comment on my blog Monday.

He actually comes across fairly well despite the hard tones on his blog. I suspect he's quite sincere in his faith and beliefs--but that's a worldview that I can't share. I need proof since faith isn't a quality I have in abundence, ZP.

Thomas Siefert said...

I'm sure he is one of the guys with a megaphone hanging around Oxford Circus here in London.