14 December 2005

Christmas Cancelled!

I have terrible news for you, my many Christian brothers and sisters under the Light of the Lord, Christmas has been cancelled by an activist Judge!

In a sudden and unexpected blow to the Americans working to protect the holiday, liberal U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Reinhardt ruled the private celebration of Christmas unconstitutional Monday.
In addition to forbidding the celebration of Christmas in any form, Judge Reinhardt has made it illegal to say "Merry Christmas." Instead, he has ruled that Americans must say "Happy Holidays" or "Vacaciones Felices" if they wish to extend good tidings.

Within an hour of the judge's verdict, National Guard troops were mobilized to enforce the controversial ruling.
Said Pvt. Stanley Cope, who tasered Ernot for his outburst: "We're fighting an unpopular war on Christmas, but what can we do? The military has no choice but to take orders from a lone activist judge."

(The Onion)

And if that doesn't have you hating liberal Democrats, perhaps this will.

Thanks to q10 for the links.

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Daedalus said...

Come to the Christian lion feeding this Saturday at 2pm in the Royal Collesium! It is yet more persecution of Christians in this country! [/sarc]

The Onion article is quite funny.