17 December 2005

Homosexuality in Penguins

Is apparently quite common. So much for the argument that homosexuality is unnatural. Roy and Silo, NYC's Central Park's famous gay couple, even successfully raised an adopted chick together, and I haven't heard any stories about it being poorly adjusted. But sadly, like more than 50% of straight marriages, Silo separated from Roy - and turns out to be bisexual! I think the makers of March of the Penguins missed out on a wonderful soap opera opportunity here.

Oh, and penguins can also struggle with obseity, just like humans. What a cute little microcosm!


Thomas Siefert said...

Apart from not being attracted to men (not that there is anything wrong with that), I sometimes wonder if living with another man might be a bit easier. ;-)

zandperl said...

One amusing aspect to when I lived with other women (in my freshman dorm) was that our menstrual cycles all got in synch! I can't imagine how crabby we'd be at each other once a month though if I had a female partner.

utenzi said...

Homosexuality in other species is well established. Even when I was in high school in the 1970s this was well known. Of course keeping up to date isn't something the religious right is known for so it's not surprising if they still think homosexuality is unnatural.