20 December 2005

Holiday Gifts

Still not sure what to get the person who has everything? I have three super generous options for you.

  1. Donate to charity in their name. Mercy Corps is a secular humaniatarian relief group based in the US that primarily focuses on third world disasters. Unlike some other relief groups, Mercy Corps spends a LOT of their time and effort on prolonged help, not just critical help.

  2. Buy a heifer for a needy family in their name. Heifer International provides animals from bees to water buffalos for needy families. Depending upon the choice of animal, it can provide non-lethal food, renewable resources, and income such as milk, eggs, down, wool, honey, plant pollination, fertilizer, insect control, and the sale of offspring, and some animals and their offspring can be slaughtered for food (or you can pick ones that can't be, if you prefer). Income helps the families send their children to school, among other things.

  3. Buy an actual gift that has part of your cost go to charity. If you really just gotta have something to hand the person, check out Gear that Gives. You can choose between having the proceeds go to stop world hunger, protect the rainforest, improve domestic literacy, help animals in shelters, and more. Gifts include logo products (to spread the word), elegant jewelry, and fair trade items.

If you're thinking of getting ME something, well, chances are I don't know you so that's kinda creepy. I'm not giving you my mailing address either, so visit the first two sites.


utenzi said...

I hear that there's a charitable organization dedicated to counseling gay penguins, ZP. Maybe I'll give to them. I hate the idea of all those sexually confused penguins down there in Anartica.

Thomas Siefert said...

Whaddaya mean creepy? Everybody needs a snowglobe.


zandperl said...

Ahh! The music is driving me nuts! I actually saw that a while ago. There was something just a little wrong with the physics in it, but I'm running out the door right now so I'll have to critique it another day. ;)

Black Eyed Gurl said...

I love Heifer International! You can donate chickens for less than $25! it's excellent!