10 May 2006

Another video

This one is combined launch footage and computer simulation of the NASA Mars Pathfinder / Sojourner mission - set to Nine Inch Nails!

This one's a less technically stunning video than the last one I posted, however it is notable for its near-seamless transition between actual launch footage and artist's conception videos. Two things I'm uncertain about though are the fast spinning (and the associated strings-with-things-attached that get flung out) after the ship detached from the various launch mechanisms but before the "seven years later," and at the end when the virtual camera pans up the sky appears black while it should be pink. The former can be chalked up to artist's conception with insufficient information (if it turns out that the quick spin is incorrect), but while the second could be as well, I think it should be criticised anyway, as it's common knowledge within the astronomy-loving community.

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