06 May 2006

[off-topic] Free Comic Book Day!

Today, Saturday May 6, 2006, is Free Comic Book Day. The majority of comic book stores are particiating: use that URL to find a comic book shop near you, walk in with no money, and walk out with special introductory comic books written just for folks like you. These are NOT just superhero comic books, though those are included. You can expect things like sci-fi, fantasy, crime/noir, teen angst, manga, webcomics-to-print, whatever. Some places have a cap of how many free ones you can take. Some ask for donations to charities. But it's pretty cool, and gives you the chance to see what's out there, risk-free. You can usually browse the shop's free selections before picking one (or more), just don't read the whole thing, that's rude. Go!

And let me borrow them when you're done, I'm not sure if I'll get to a comic book shop myself. :(

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