13 May 2006

Hosting and Domain Name info requested

I'm looking for information on hosting and DNS. For all of my geekitude, I don't know how to host my own webpage.

  • Desktop PC running Win XP Pro (could serve as host, but I don't know how)
  • Cable internet (Charter?)
  • Know how to make page
  • Know how to ftp

  • Hosting space (?)
  • Rememberable URL
  • Hosting/DNS tutorial
  • List of hosting services (?)
  • List of DNS-es

If you can help me figure out the Want/Need stuff, I'd be much obliged.


CyberCelt said...

I answered these questions on this page:


sharlet said...

Try root4.us. My friend runs it. I'm being hosted now for free on a subdomain. Maybe you can work out something with her if you want your own domain.