22 May 2006

Only in America

would an ad like this get airplay. Reminds me of when I went to the Oil Rig Offshore Drilling Museum in Galveston, TX and they had mulitple rooms dedicated to the benefits oil rigs - like that they make good beds for forming new coral reefs! And -- um, that's all the talked about. For rooms!

Anyone actually seen the ad on TV?


Anonymous said...

Holy God... that was... uh... wow.

The oil companies are running out of ideas, eh? The sad part about it is many people will probably believe this garbage.

Hey, carbon dioxide is natural, so it must be good for us, and if it's good for us, we should want more of it. Thanks Exxon-Mobil!

Thank you for sharing, zandperl. Love the site, I'll be a frequent visitor here, I think.

zandperl said...

I think they're just worried that Republicans may lose this year's mid-term elections, as the Democrats are more sympathetic to the Kyoto Treaty. And I bet the people who believe CO_2 is good because it's "natural" are the same ones who say homosexuality is bad because it's "unnatural." If you're going to use science to argue your point folks, at least get the facts right!

Aladdinslad said...

are you shur that was a for real ad that was ridiculus....i have heard thogh about how old oil rigs are good for thees coral reefs to form on and some old ships that have been sink too....you are wrong thogh about the democrats winneng they may win but if they do it wont be that big a deal...goerge bush all the way he is the man with the plan...if the democrats do win thogh i will suport them....well i will hope for the best put it that way.

Anonymous said...

Good point, zandperl.

Oh it's real, aladdinslad. They had a preview of the commercial on the Situation Room on CNN the other day.

zandperl said...

*sigh* I was really hoping someone could tell me that it was a joke ad. I don't watch TV myself, so I wouldn't know from seeing it or not.

Allison said...

I love how the soft, soothing corporate shill-voice gets that slight, almost subliminal edge of menace and desperation when she starts talking about how "CO2 will be labeled a pollutant". That must have taken ages to get just right.

The comments below the video are priceless too: Ha ha, it's only freed your white overlords from back breaking labor. GET BACK TO WORK, DARKIE! - it's so true how they shamelessly showed a black African grinding grain as the dread fate that would await us all if we didn't pour CO2 into the atmosphere... She enjoys none of the benefits of our pollution but suffers many of the consequences.