02 October 2005


I have been searching for a word for years, and I have finally found it! The word is antumbra, I found it thru a BBC article, and it means that part of the moon's (or another body's) shadow where an annular eclipse of the sun (or other light source) can be viewed. I'd already known the words umbra (for where you can see a total eclipse) and penumbra (partial), and I always suspected that there must be a special name for that section of the penumbra where you got a "reverse umbra," and finally I have found the word!

Oh yeah, it's taking place Monday Oct 2 for those of you in Europe, the "Near East" and Africa.

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Tor said...

Be careful when using these words -- someone might take umbrage!



By the way, this is really an excellent blog. I hope you keep it up for a long time.