21 October 2005

Human stem cell brain injection approved by FDA

The FDA has approved a procedure to be done at Stanford University involving stem cells. The stem cells are harvested by a private group from aborted fetuses. "Immature neural cells" (brain stem cells) are yoinked out of the dead not-quite-humans and injected into the brains of children sufferring from Batten disease.

Batten disease is caused by a defective gene that fails to create an enzyme needed in the brain to help dispose of brain cellular waste. The waste piles up and kills healthy cells until the patient dies. Most victims die before they reach their teens.


The kids being experimented on WILL DIE within years without the experiment. They'll probably die anyway, but maybe more slowly. The injected neurons take over the kid's brain and make it work right.

Next step, increased usage of the death penalty with compulsory organ donation!

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