21 October 2005

European mission to Venus delayed

To be launched by a Soyuz rocket in a few days and begin orbitting Venus in a year, here's hoping the Venus Express does better than the recent Cryosat launch. That one was also launched by the Russians (the European Space Agency does not have launch capability, only the US, Russia, and China do as far as I know), but via a modified ICBM. I guess they didn't modify it enough, but at least it didn't have the warhead still installed...

The loss of Cryosat was a real disappointment to me, as its primary purpose was to monitor the thickness of polar ice sheets, and thus provide more evidence for global warming, which us stupid backwater Americans are still denying.

Oh, and fascinatingly, a Google search on "ESA polar ice satellite" yields an Aljazeera page as its first hit.


Zoe said...

thanks for the tip had already looked at the widget some cool one how there... although ur speaking to wrong girl to make one though :-) THANKS

Peter said...

Glad there are some Americans taking global warming seriously Enviroman Says