28 October 2005

Science standards copyrighted - who would've thunk!

<rant alert>
The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) has told the Kansas DOE that as long as they put ID into their state standards, they are not allowed to base their state standards off of their national versions. That is, the NAS/NSTA are invoking their copyright. Reply from Bruce Chapman, president of the Discovery Institute (an ID-supporting Seattle, WA group), said of the NAS/NSTA, "They've set themselves up to be the arbiter when in fact they're partisan. That's obvious now, or it should be."

No shit sherlock. Their job is to say what's science, just like a bishop gets to decide what's taught in Sunday school. Wouldn't you be pissed off if a science teacher walked into your church and started preaching evolution and praising the word of Darwin? If you want us to keep our science out of your religion, then keep your religion the fuck out of our science.

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