14 October 2005

HST repair?

This one's a request for info if any of you know, rather than an explanation.

Formerly, NASA had said the minimum number of shuttle flights needed to construct the orbiting station was 28; now, that number has been reduced to 18, plus another flight to repair the aging Hubble Space Telescope.


Has anyone heard anything, or is this a typo or new thing? The AAS (American Astromical Society) doesn't say anything, and if anyone would know, they would.


Wally Banners said...

Personally i think your a two faced blogger, but hey thats me.

doris said...

This is a comment and not an answer.... I remember just after/during the latest shuttle trip reading anything I could find on the space station and found somewhere on the Nasa site talk about the number of trips needed to do the work. It did say that the timetables had gotten much slower due to the shuttle program being out of action since the last disaster.

It wouldn't surprise me if figures have had to be juggled to make it look better. Or maybe, they can really send up a lot more per shuttle trip than originally planned.

I look forward to hearing if you are able to ascertain an answer.