19 November 2005


When I saw the email from [info] rosefox I fell over laughing. Sincerest thanks, you ROXXOR!

H-alpha icon


utenzi said...

Is that due to hydrogen being the most abundant atom in water? Or am I missing something here?

zandperl said...

98% of the universe is Hydrogen. Just under 2% is Helium, and what's left over (less than 0.2%) is everything else. That small bit of other stuff was mostly created in the cores of stars or supernovae (hence Carl Sagan's famous "We are star stuff.").

I'm talking on the scale of stars, galaxies, and bigger. Little piddly things like a rock with water are insignificant. But thanks for the reminder to put that in my explanation, to come.

Matt Jones said...

That one is much better than mine, although I think you should change the fish to an alpha.

zandperl said...

Well, that would require creating the whole file from scratch, as rosefox did it and I feel bad nit-picking and asking her to change it. :-P It's somewhere on my to-do list.

Man, my human-verification word thing's getting me irritated. They keep giving me 10-digits of letters and I keep typing them wrong! I'm gonna shut it off and see if I get spammed again.

utenzi said...

I might be dense here, ZP, but how does that relate to the Christian symbol?

I love the feet on the 'sign of the fish' thing and would be glad to embrace another variation but I am curious about how you're linking the hydrogen with the fish. Water just seemed the best way though not perfectly a "6563" thing.

utenzi said...

PS I love your decision to do away with the verification checker thing, ZP. I hate those with a passion and have even posted about just that.

zandperl said...

It doesn't have anything directly to do with the "Jesus-fish" symbol. Just some vague reference to astronomy is my God or something. :-P

I had the human-checker on because I was getting comment spam - people or automated programs who left messages that were nothing more than links to other sites selling crap. If I get those back, I'll turn the verification back on. I expect they come in waves though.

utenzi said...

Beating a dead horse here--but since they don't fight back... LOL

Wouldn't having the 6563 in an infinity symbol be better then, ZP? Two digits on each side maybe.