18 November 2005

Potentially related blogs via "Rent My Blog"

You may have noticed in the past week a new "feature" (as advertising gurus like to call it) on the lower left of the first screen of this blog - "Rent My Blog". Via BlogExplosion each week I hope to feature a new blog on related topics - science, technology, religion, philosophy, anything that grabs my interest and could potentially grab yours as well. The way this works is on BlogExplosion I offer the space to anyone who wants it for a price in "credits" - the currency of BE, equivalent to page views by random people, and how a number of my readers get here. Various BE members then see my offer and some of them (maybe you!) decide they want it. If they do, they click a button and I get a link to their blog to approve or disapprove. If you're a blog that might be related or interesting, I'm more likely to accept it and presto! free advertising. If it's a good one, I may even review it in a post as I do below.

This week's blog is Through a Dark Glass by Philip Del Ricci. Mr. Del Ricci writes about religious topics, mostly inspired by and about various documents for Catholics and people interested in Catholocism, I suspect because he works for a company that publishes them. His posts are about the role of Christianity in the life of someone who is already religious and are not at all antagonistic to atheists such as myself - not that that would stop me from linking to someone. :) So surf on over to Dark Glass (preferably through the link/screenshot on the left) and say "hi"! Be a nice visitor and always follow the Boy Scout rule: leave the place cleaner than when you got there. (I.e., no flame wars unless he asks politely.)

1 comment:

Philip Del Ricci said...

Hey ZandPerl:

Thank you so much for accepting my bid and the warm welcome. When I saw your billboard up for rent - I was really hoping that you would pick me. I think that this has the potential to initiate interesting discussion on both sites.

Everyone and their opinions are welcome, though I prefer that the conversation remain civil.

I'll be writing a post on my site as well - so the traffic should travel in both directions.


P. Del Ricci - Dark Glass