17 April 2006

Avian Flu Resources

Originally found from a CNN/AP article that no longer exists - um, here's the Wired/AP article - it's the Flu Wiki! If you've used Wikipedia before, it's like that but focused on the flu. They've even got it in Spanish and Portuguese. But in case you want something a little more official and not edited by random 15-year-old boys on the internet, the US Dept of Health and Human Services has their own page, PandemicFlu.gov.


DemFromCT said...

Thanks for the link. The CNN/AP story can be found here.


zandperl said...


I'm afraid I moderate comments b/c I often get comment spam and I thought moderating would be easier on readers than a capechta (word verification). At least, I presume that's the reason you tried to post your comment three times. I rejected the other two to prevent repetition.

I have never and will never reject a post with content; insults are debatable (haven't gotten one yet, surprisingly); I reject all spam/ads/links for the sake of links.

zandperl said...

PS Dem, thanks for the link, it's in my post now.

DemFromCT said...

No prob. BTW, note the links to Flu Wiki from Science magazine, WHO and various state Depts of Health, along with US News, PBS, USA Today, etc. Not bad for 15 year olds. ;-)

More to the point, official sites like pandemicflu.gov look the way they do because sites like Flu Wiki push them. And the official sites do badly on items without consensus (masks, tamiflu use, proper amount of prepping, likelihood of health care workers being no-shows, etc). Some of these questions don't have a 'right' answer. Until they do, the official sites usually don't address them at all.

For a wonderful review of the 'authority' issue, see More mistakes with authority….