23 April 2006

Worm bin question

To anyone else with a worm bin, I've a question. I went to harvest some soil from it (I was repotting plants), and I noticed the soil was very gray, and not the rich brown I was expecting and had seen in the past. What causes this, and is it still good to use? My best guess is that I've been low on the "green" content lately (as in fresh veggies), and high on the paper pulp. There were LOTS of worms, at least one in every spoonful, so it's not a shortage of digestion.


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Thomas Siefert said...

I think the gray stuff is mostly chewed up news papers. While not as rich in nutrients as brown soil it's probably still better than putting the paper directly into the plant pots.
In Australia I have seen big trucks with paper shredders chewing up news papers into a pulp and then mixing it with grass seed before spreading it onto the ground. I think it might have something to do with keeping the seeds moist so that they germinate.

Your worms might be there, but I would think they are hungry.