23 April 2006

Skeptical Psychics?

The Mystic Seaport (CT) has a ship that's supposedly haunted. Three separate groups of tourists, from different states, and with no contact with each other, recently reported sighting the same man in period clothing belowdecks. This came after a previous 40 reports of "unusual events." Thankfully, the museum didn't themselves decide to call in the RI paranormal "experts" to investigate, but they did allow the group to set up shop for an evening and determine what they could find out.

The Rhode Island Paranormal Research group are definitely "believers" in ghosts and such, but on the bright side, they admit right out that 90% of the "events" they investigate turn out to be natural causes or hoaxes. I wonder how confident they are of the other 10%, or more details of what they say causes the other 10% and how they measured it. They claim they're coming back to Mystic Seaport with "more equipment"...

I may not believe that remaining 10%, but I respect that they admit the 90%. It's better than most ghost groupies.

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Eric said...

Perhaps if it was 100%, they wouldn't exist.