09 April 2006

Avian Flu

Cox and Forkum is a mostly conservative poltical cartoon that I read frequently. They are good representatives for Conservatives, in that they do not accept the party line blindly, and often even express disagreement with what the White House has to say.


Allison said...

Funny, most comics of theirs I've seen are the usual neo-con bullcrap portraying moderates and left-wingers as delusional hippies and/or outright traitors... They also enjoy invariably drawing Arabs and Persians as evilly-grinning murderers.

Here a few other examples of their fine work:
Weapons of mass destruction
Peace activists support terrorists
...and another in the same vein
Multiculturalism is like terrorism
Helping spread lies: Saddam and Osama working together?
And a particularly delusional one:Guantanamo Bay, a pleasure stay for its inmates

Good folks. If these are the conservatives who DON'T support Bush... I hate to see the ones who DO.

Anonymous said...

Cap'n Dyke here, m'dear...May I add ye to me blogroll?

zandperl said...

Why, certainly Cap'n! I may add you to mine as well, if it will not result in my walking the plank. :)

zandperl said...

They definitely are Conservative, don't get me wrong on that, and I disagree with many of their viewpoints. It is perhaps a sad commentary on politics today that the fact that I consider them to be 99% Conservative, and they're better than the others. Examples since February:

Republican senator Lott
Immigration reform
Bush and Afghanistan
Dubai ports deal (which *both* sides hated)
Cheney hunting